To-Be-Released Project

For the last few months I have been helping a startup build their Minimum Viable Product. The startup has not launched yet so I cannot give specific details about it yet. However it is a very exciting project and definitely one of the bigger projects I had the opportunity to work on as an independent web developer.

The last eight months I have been leading the planning, design and development of the start-up’s core product. It is based on open-access research and adds commercial features to an open-source project.
In a technology-nutshell the project consists for a website powered by Javascript (ES6), React.js and Node.js for server side rendering. This website interacts asyncronously with a web API which is offered by a Python + Django (and Django REST framework) based back-end service.

Once the project is live I will link it here. I am very excited to have been given this opportunity and I am looking forward to launching it in the coming months! – Stay tuned!

Customized Wordpress Website, Data Recovery, and Security Policy Update for Urban Uprising

Urban Uprising is a charity empowering under-privileged youth through rock climbing. We worked together to build a new website to support their cause more effectively.

We discussed which features were needed for the new website, upon which functional and graphical mockups were made. We got a graphic designer on board, who helped us define the visuals for the website. I then went on and translated the mockups into an actual Wordpress website.

Now I still provide occasional support to Urban Uprising, and among others I helped them recover from a security breach by rebuilding the website and by both updating and enforcing their security policy.

Shopify Embedded App Development using Docker Containers for Altitude Sports

One of my favorite projects at Altitude Sports was to build a web app which communicated with their Shopify e-commerce site. I could implement the app using Docker containers which allowed us to standardize the apps environment, meaning that this app would run the same way on a developer’s laptop than on a production server.

I build web apps from the ground up, so I am responsible to design, code, test, and deploy the whole app while making it be open to connections from an internal app and also be able to contact the external Shopify API. I managed to effectively leverage design patterns to design the abstract class hierarchy, which helped me later write automated tests which could be run during continuous integration and deployment step later in the development cycle.