So you have been thinking about this great idea for a business but you don’t quite know how to start building the first prototype to test your idea?
Or you already have a prototype but now want to make it more stable, efficient, secure, loved, and add amazing features to it? I can help!

I provide my services as a consultant and web developer to indies, visionaries, start-ups and established companies or anyone in between. Services I offer include:

  • Consultancy in the web technology domain, ie. how to go about building websites, mobile apps, or software in general
  • Project manager and team lead, ie. structuring the development effort to add value to your product effectively by someone who understands both the business owners and the developers
  • Senior Software developer, ie. I write the code and make the website/app/server magic work!
  • Rubber duck, if you need someone to bounce ideas off or just someone who listens

Technological Expertise

The programming languages, tools, and development frameworks I am most familiar with are as follows, in any particular order:

  • Javascript, with React.js and the compile toolchain (babel, webpack)
  • HTML5 + CSS / CSS-in-JS: styled components, emotion, CSS-grid
  • Node.js, for server-side rendering
  • Python, with Django and Django REST framework
  • PHP, with Laravel web framework

Server tech:

  • Nginx, Apache, Node, WSGIu, Gunicorn …
  • containerisation via Docker and related tools
  • cloud computing via Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, S3, IAM & VPC config…)
  • command line based tools in general and remote server maintenance via SSH and vim

I’m an Linux native. I work primarily in Ubuntu (or other Debian based distributions) and server-side (cloud as well as bare-metal). Automation of processes and standardisation of enviroments are fun(when they work well). I use tools to help maintain environments, like Docker and custom bash scripts. The cloud platform I am most familiar with is Amazon’s Web Services, specifically EC2, RDS, and S3.

If there is one thing that is constant, it is my curiosity! I continuously learn new architectural styles, coding techniques, command line tools, design patterns / anti-patterns, and technologies as a whole. I adapt quickly and I routinely deep-dive into new complex challenges to learn and grow professionally and personally. This gives me a broad knowledge base and allows me to autonomously dig deeper in my research into specialised topics.