About me

My Motivation

The internet was imagined as a global network of information shared and enriched by millions of people. The internet of today contrasts drastically from this open and accessible web of knowledge. Massive global organisations like Google, Facebook and Amazon (the Tripoly) control over 70% of the internet traffic. They effectively wrap users in their cocoon of services and sell an ‘improved’ experience of the internet.

I work for a web that is open, accessible by all, and in which every voice has it’s place. I strive to keep the internet inclusive and weird, rather than a streamlined consumer experience of the corporate giants. The web is a medium for artistic expression and voicing ideas - a virtual channel to connect people around the world.

I refuse to work in certain domains which I think exploit the internet users through channels imposed by the monopolies imposed by the Tripoly. These areas are advertisment technology, and financial technology.

I support grassroot projects, NGOs, cooperatives, artists, Open-source projects, small to medium-sized companies and institutions which make resources available to the public, like universities working towards the Open Access pubication scheme.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to get to know more!


“I worked with Pitt at FriendNGo, where he was the CTO and Backend developer, and I can say it was one of the best coworkers I could ever wish for. He’s an excellent team player, always thinking about ‘us’ before ‘I’ and is highly skilled on the technical side. He’s a easy fit for any team that wants to succeed together, easily manages to position himself in situations of conflict and find a solution that works for both sides with the vision of the best interest of the project in mind.
*Also if you have a chance, don’t hesitate to go climbing with him! he’s one of the best I have ever seen”
- Guilherme Lisboa, Senior Mobile Developer @ Techbanx

“It was a real pleasure working with Pitt. He did an exceptional job on the recent project, creative, intelligent, hardworking and passionate. Always takes care of the job. He is very talented at his work and he is always ready to help and support his team. He is a good listener, great team player, a great asset to any team. I highly recommend Pitt.”
- Rafik Hammad, ETL Developer @ Altitude Sports

“As a teammate at Altitude-sports, I had the opportunity to appreciate Pitt’s abilities to deliver high quality and well-documented code. He is a very dedicated and volunteer Developer, always willing to pick up new challenges, as well as an attentive and responsive team player.”
- Thomas Ragot, Back-end Web Developer @ Altitude Sports

“Pitt and I had the pleasure of working together to redesign a client’s online presence and build new landing pages. Pitt is fantastic to work with; focussed on the problem at hand with a wealth of tools at his disposal to write easily readable and usable code. Pitt is a great in a team, not afraid to take responsibility and easy to get along with.”
- Jonathan Riise, Research Engineer/EngD Studentin robotics and NDE